FTV Girl Sophia

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FTV Girl Haley

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FTV Kirsten & Natalie

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FTV girl kirsten-natalie FTV kirsten-natalie First time video kirsten-natalie kirsten-natalie from FTV

Kirsten & Natalie – 23 & 29

On the first day, we’re introduced to Natalie, a supercute blonde with a beautiful smile, and a strong desire for masturbation! We watch her as she wakes up in the comfy bed, and stretches out… then gives her body a nice breast & butt massage. Trying out different bras & panties for us, she starts teasing and rubbing herself. Then pulling out the ‘magic wand’ vibrator, she brings herself to a nice, natural orgasm. We get extreme closeups of her private parts, and her very tight little vagina.

Out at a photoshoot by a car, she runs into Kirsten, and like old friends, they re-acquaint themselves with each other, and start fooling around right away. They do love their dresses & heels…

On the next day, we watch them in sexy black dress & heels at a fancy mall. They start getting affectionate, making out and breast play in this public place. Then they go all out, going down on each other… until they are caught by a security guard (all caught on tape!).

Kicked out of one mall, off to another beautiful public area where they continue their affection and sexy play. Back home, then go down on each other, then move to a 69 position. Kirsten introduces Natalie to the Vibraking, and it makes her go crazy! Then its Kirsten’s turn and she has a strong orgasm. Fingering, tasting, and just fooling around, they put on some sexy lingerie and heels, and continue to play with each other. We get extreme closeups of their private parts as they help spread each other, then do some foot massage and foot kissing.

Kirsten wants to be fisted, and so Natalie slowly works her hand in… until it gone deep past the wrist! Hard fisting turns crazier when she tries to double fist Kirsten!! Later that night, they put on some girly stockings, bra & panties, and do some hard ‘tribbing’ (grinding their vaginas together) and more toy play.

Thank Kirsten for introducing her bisexual friend Natalie!

kirsten-natalie first time video

FTV Jacky

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FTV girl jacky FTV jacky First time video jacky jacky from FTV

Sophia’s Statistics: Age: 18, Height: 5′3″, Figure: 34D-26-37

Just turned 18, we meet this total first timer at a restaurant, check her IDs, and then have her flash her breasts right there! She’s got some really perfect, firm natural D cups!

Next day, she comes in shy and nervous, so there is a strip tease warm-up. She talks about how much she likes sex, so we introduce her to some toys. She heads straight to the Long Pink toy and a vibrator… she likes them big! She double penetrates herself by using the vibrator anally, and pounds herself hard (and rather deep!) with the Long Pink toy. After getting off with those toys, she also uses a clitoral vibrator for more stimulation as well.

We go out shopping at a mall, where she flashes several times, even gives herself a breast massage right at a clothing store! In the changeroom she tries on several outfits, and picks her favorite.

Back home, she shows off what she bought, and massages her full breasts real hard. Straight to the big toys, she goes riding on the Big Ten Toy, and its a nice, hard, and deep ride. For someone so small, she takes big toys so incredibly deep! On the next day, she’s picked up from her school, and she experiments some more, with toys and a bottle. Then we get some extreme closeups, and her playing with her light auburn pubic hair. Got to see her massage those breasts hard!

A total First Time Video Girl, exclusive to FTV!

jacky first time video

FTV Girl Pamela

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FTV Sophia

Posted on June 30th, 2010 in Top Nudes by dan || 5 Comments

FTV girl sophia FTV sophia First time video sophia sophia from FTV

Sophia’s Statistics: Age: 21, Height: 5′6″, Figure: 34C-25-35

Commonly known in the UK as a ‘page 3 girl’, we’re lucky to see Sophia come visit us for a 4 day FTV adventure! She’s a gorgeous blonde girl with a Scottish accent, who has done soft nudes for Playboy but will go all out for FTV. We see her in her casual wear, flashing her breasts and giving us upskirt views, all while at a busy park area where they are setting up for a concert! Shy at first, she gets really into it by the end, flashing whenever she can!

Back home, she masturbates with one of her pink dildos, then tries out the vibraking toy! As she masturbates with it, she discovers what real orgasms are about, having several strong ones and even having a mini-squirt! Notice the very strong contractions of her vagina as she discovers real orgasms for the first time in her life.

Next day, she’s out at a fancy mall, dressed in a sexy dress & heels, flashing away in the mall and even at a cafe! Once she’s back home, she tries out the vibraking one more time, and has another sexy orgasm while still wearing her dress & heels. Then its time for some foot fetish and stockings, as she plays with her feet, sucks her toes, and shows off those sexy legs.

On the third day, she’s visiting a Scottish-style castle house, and strips naked on this cold day, with goosebumps everywhere! Walking completely naked through this exotic home, we check out her form as she teases herself. She masturbates again, having one more orgasm, showing off her wetness. She visits the pool area at this house, showing off her sexy pink dress, starts talking dirty to us, and teases us with her body. Before you know it, she’s masturbating again with a pink vibrator until orgasm.

On the fourth day, we see her jogging in her sexy track suit, and soon she’s running topless by this public canal. She goes all naked out there, then goes home for some fingering (penetrating with three fingers) and uses another vibrator for a strong orgasm (some strong contractions again!). Then in the pink room, she experiments with panty stuffing… and in a dream sequence finale, she gets to suck on some full sized breasts…

A four day adventure it is — A supersized update of this gorgeous & playful Scottish beauty!

sophia first time video

FTV Girl Katrina

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FTV Estrella

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FTV girl estrella FTV estrella First time video estrella estrella from FTV

Estrella’s Statistics: Age: 24, Height: 5′5″, Figure: 34D-24-35

Greeting her at the airport, she doesn’t waste any time flashing her big breasts… right there! Wanting to see her naked right away, we take her home to undress and show off what she’s brought with her. Her naked form is perfect — the full, firm, round butt with no flaws whatsoever, and sexy breasts topped with the nicest, perkiest nipples. We pick a cute white outfit for her to model in, and get extreme closeups of her long labia. She masturbates to orgasm with her fingers, then does it again with a vibrator. Notice how wet and sticky she gets inside! Spreading her long labia, we get deep closeups of her tight vagina.

On the next morning, she comes back with another cute top and panties, shows off her butt, then does some crazy experimentation with a very long cucumber and a wide summer squash! The cucumber she stuffs as deep as possible, and rides it in a sensual manner… so deep! Then the squash penetrates her, stays inside as she shows it off while in doggy. She even uses it as stimulus as she finger-masturbates again.

We get to learn more about her, and her strong Venezuelan accent is really sexy… In her dressy look, she shows off her dancing skills to music (love those hips!) and then finger masturbates by her car right on the driveway! We want to see more, so she experiments with the Vibraking to orgasm!

She looks sexy both naked and in lingerie, so we let her tease us some more, then gives herself a hard breast & butt massage (and a lucky guy gets to give it to her as well!).

Ending the day, she runs around topless at a golf course, until she is caught! So enjoy this fun, exotic total First Time Video Girl, you’ll only see on FTV :)

estrella first time video

FTV Girl Sabrina

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ftv girl sabrina 1 ftv girl sabrina 2 ftv girl sabrina 3 ftv girl sabrina 4

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FTV Marina

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FTV girl marina FTV marina First time video marina marina from FTV

Marina’s Statistics: Age: 24, Height: 5′6″, Figure: 35C-25-36

Marina is originally from Eastern Russia, but moved to the US 2 years ago on a scholarship. She’s a rather spontaneous girl, whose carefree attitude brings us a rather unique shoot of random adventure. We’re introduced to her as she shows off some of her drawings, then she runs off excited to try on some clothes for us, ending up modeling in a very sexy nightie and heels. She ends up masturbating on the couch, first her way with her fingers, then using a vibrator to come to orgasm.

Then in her very own cute & unique outfit, she parades around a resort, getting completely naked before she arouses some attention. We love watching her leggy look in heels, and her full breasts being squeezed and massaged! Back home, she tries a large red vibrating dildo, stuffing it deep and masturbating hard, until she has an orgasm that oozes milky juices.

Dressing up in a black dress & heels, she then parades around another resort area, and finds a comfy place on the stairwell to masturbate with her fingers. Then its time for the Vibraking Toy, which brings her to an easy orgasm… She enjoys it so much she begs to try it again, and so she has a second orgasm! To cool down, she heads over to the pool, and swims naked… and returns indoors to do a sexy nude dance to the Gypsy Kings’ version of ‘Hotel California’.

After an attempt on riding the Glass FTV Toy, she moves to the Rabbit Toy, and has another strong orgasm with it. Her love of the outdoors leads to a stripdown on a public golf course, her running around completely naked feeling free. That is until a police van approaches… time to go!

So enjoy this rather different update of a carefree girl having her first time adult experiences, only here on FTV.

marina first time video

FTV Girl Kirsten

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FTV Haley

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FTV girl haley FTV haley First time video haley haley from FTV

Haley’s Statistics: Age: 18, Height: 5′3″, Figure: 34C-25-35

She’s still a teen, and her breasts are still growing! Full double D naturals, they look even bigger when they are exposed. Watching her walk in a funky dress & heels at an office park, she finds a vibrator in the middle of the hallway, and proceeds to masturbate with it. After some hard rubbing and vibration, she has a nice, natural orgasm. Still risking it in this public place, she takes her top off, and shows off those big, perfect breasts. Squeezing them hard, she plays with them and we enjoy it all.

Then she ends up walking topless in the middle of a busy street!

Right back out again, this time at a resort & park, she’s doing topless cartwheels, playing footsie in the water fountain, and masturbating with her fingers. Then she finds a water hose, and stuffs it inside her, squirting water out!

Not having enough, she’s then out again with nothing but a flimsy seethrough robe posing in front of a resort entrance!!! We love seeing her run with those big breasts bouncing everywhere. Indoors she uses the vibraking to a strong orgasm… then gives us more hard breast massage and nipple play.

Some exteme closeups of her very pretty (and tiny) private parts as well. Then a mystery guest (a possible future total first time girl for FTV?) comes to play with her breasts, and Haley moves on to more masturbation and a bouncy ride on a vibrating toy.

Going kinky, she uses the handle of her hairbrush for more penetration, then goes outside to pose with some Dodge Vipers with the mystery girl. Big breast lovers enjoy!

haley first time video